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Our Passion is...

Transforming lives towards their God-intended purpose.

We are Comitted to...

Using the pursuit of athletic championships in our unique Briercrest training ground to: grow disciples of Jesus, form transformational leaders of character, inspire graduates, and develop skills for sport and life.

Our Values are...

  • Kingdom Focused : Our identity is continually rooted deeper in Christ.

  • Servant Hearted : Confident in Christ to serve God and others

  • Learner : Chooses to be a forever Learner 

  • Competitor :  Relentless, tenacious and motivated by love

  • Disciplined :  Unwavering Commitment to building Championship Habits for Life

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Throughout all 80 minutes of play, I did not see any of your players question a referees' call. Your team plays hard every minute and still has the ability to keep good sportsmanship in mind.
Coach of an opposing team